About Joni Lohr


In my early 20’s, a friend gave me a twin lens camera and told me to take some photos.  I had no idea what I was doing, but went to a local park and took pictures of trees, the terrain, and two young boys playing there.  I loved the clarity of the photos, discovered I had an eye for composition, and fell in love with capturing my world on film. Fifty years later, I’m still indulging that passion, although with more sophisticated equipment.  My photographic interests are diverse: live performance, portraits, street photography, and abandonment are most prominent.  I'm a documentarian: I love telling stories about people, places and events.

My most recent focus is photographing abandoned buildings.  In Michigan where I grew up, in California and Oregon on road trips, in Massachusetts where I live now, in so many cities and towns I encounter across the country, I see the ghosts and remnants of the powerful factories,  dense, lively neighborhoods, or small agricultural towns that once existed but have gone empty, left to rust and ruin.  It has made me contemplate, in the world and in my own life as I get older, what remains and what is lost.  There is a spirit that remains in these places and these objects, magic totems that resist the rust and rot of their circumstances. These structures will never pass this way again, but the photographs will remain and hopefully portray that at one time, they mattered.

I belong to the Boston Camera Club and the Jamaica Plain Artists Association. I photograph for numerous bands, dance and theatre groups throughout the Boston area, including the Harvard Dance Theater, Impulse Dance Company, Beantown Tap, and the Boston Tap Company. Dancers and musicians have displayed my photographs on their web sites and Facebook pages, and in promotional materials. I also photograph events for local charitable organizations, including the Loring-Greenough House, Jamaica Plain Porchfest, Wee the People, Friendship Works for Elders, and the South Street Youth Center.

My work has been exhibited at the Morini Gallery, the Charles Fine Arts Gallery, JP Open Studios’ Art Projections (Juror’s  Choice Award), Unlimited Sotheby’s International Jamaica Plain, Menino Art Center, TILL Wave Gallery, Gallery 160, UForge Gallery, and Fusco & Four Modern.

All the photos on my web site are for sale, framed or just matted.
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