About Joni Lohr

“It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.”  -Paul Strand


 For 50 years I have turned my camera towards the world around me, capturing the energy of live musical performances, the camaraderie between friends, the ghosts of abandoned buildings, and the spontaneity of urban life. As a photographer, the two most important aspects of my craft are telling stories and preserving memories. I am documentarian first, an artist second; I use photography to communicate infinite narratives for viewers to interpret.

As a child and into my 20’s, I avidly read Life magazine was much more impressed with the photographs than the words. My photographic heroes were the story tellers: Margaret Bourke White, Frank Capra, Garry Winogrand, Dorthea Lange, Edward Steichen, Diane Arbus, Imogene Cunningham  and so many others. I loved the way their photographs conveyed deep emotion about their subjects, brought them to life, left me with a lasting memory.

Stories are everywhere – on the streets, in museums, at concerts, on the beach, in restaurants, at the theater, at events, in dilapidated  buildings. When I carry my camera, I am always observing, always looking – for irony, humor, mystery – for emotional impact of the human experience that I can share.

My photographs encourage engagement, curiosity, and participation.  At exhibits, people ask, “What’s happening in this photograph?”  I like to ask, “What do you think? What’s your story?”  Often their stories are different than mine, and I’m delighted to see my photographs through new eyes, to know that I have fueled their imagination.

 I live in Jamaica Plain and belong to the Boston Camera Club, the Jamaica Plain Artists Association, the Cambridge Art Association, the Griffin Museum of Photography, Concord Center for the Visual Arts, and the Hyde Park Artists Association.  I photograph for numerous bands, dance and theatre groups throughout the Boston area. Dancers and musicians have displayed my photographs on their web sites and Facebook pages, and in promotional materials. I also photograph events for local charitable organizations, including the Loring-Greenough House, Jamaica Plain Porchfest, Wee the People, Friendship Works for Elders, and the South Street Youth Center.

My work has been exhibited at the Morini Gallery, the Charles Fine Arts Gallery, JP Open Studios’ Art Projections (Juror’s Choice Award), Unlimited Sotheby’s International Jamaica Plain (solo), Menino Art Center, TILL Wave Gallery, Gallery 160, UForge Gallery (solo), Amazing Things Art Center, Fusco & Four Modern, the South Short Art Center (2nd prize award for black & white), Boston Neighborhood Network, the Cambridge Art Association, and the Griffin Museum of Photography.


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